Tales From Psychiatrists

The book

Shrink Wrapped is a short illustrated collection of interviews with psychiatrists, created through funding awarded from Health Education England with support from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It is a vivid but playful portrait of the modern day ‘shrink’, giving the reader insight into this unique branch of medicine.

The book’s conversational style reflects what psychiatrists do every day: hearing and attempting to understand individual lived experiences. Themes explored include what it means to be a psychiatrist, personal influences, patient stories, challenges of the job, frustrations, and fulfilment.

The authors

ROS is coming to end of her training in psychiatry, but is trying everything in her power to delay the inevitability of becoming a fully-grown psychiatry consultant. She has a bookshelf of seminal psychiatry works, partially read. She has tried and failed to finish ‘The Divided Self’ five times. She likes experimenting with printmaking and growing things.

SARAH is also training in psychiatry and is an advocate for the meandering path. She has put her training on hold for a few years while she does a PhD in mental health and work. In her spare time she likes travelling, making films and attempting to play music. She lives at the top of a hill in South East London.

Silke Eiselt and Jonathan Farr

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